1 Introduction

This document explains features and functions of the Allen Bradley KT Card I/O Interface Module (Driver).

This manual includes the following:

  1. Notes on Tested functions of the driver.
  2. Examples of the Communications Channel, IOB, and the Allen Bradley configurations used in testing.
  3. Hardware configuration and wiring of devices.
  4. Error and information messages that are generated by the Allen Bradley PLC driver.

The Allen-Bradley 1784-KT (KT card) provides an interface to the Data Highway or Data Highway Plus network. The card communicates with a host computer through a shared memory window implemented in 2K of Dual Port RAM. A 62 pin connector on the back of the card can be used to connect directly to a Data Highway. A microprocessor on the card running an executive program provided by Allen-Bradley manages communications with the Data Highway. Major benefits of the KT card include high data throughput, simplicity and greater reliability, due to the elimination of the 9600 baud RS-232 asynchronous communications link.

Features of the KT driver include:

  1. Support for up to eight KT cards in a single host computer.
  2. Support for Allen-Bradley PLC2, PLC3, PLC5.
  3. Support for AI, FI, PI, DI, DI2, SI, AO, FO, DO and SO data types.
  4. Support for Communications Information.
  5. Support for Polled Read, Demand Read, and Command Output.
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